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Let it Ride Poker: the Fundamental Rules & Working Tips to Win

Let it Ride poker is one of the youngest variations of classic poker. He first appeared in 1993 in American casinos. As the name for the game, a traditional expression for the players was chosen – Let it Ride, indicating the desire to leave all bets in their original places. Today, this type of poker, also called Ride Poker, Poker Ride, is wildly popular all over the world. It appears in the form of a successful symbiosis of the famous gambling Let them Ride and the traditional 3 card poker. As a result, a new exciting online video game has appeared, which has several advantages.

Let it Ride Poker: the Range of Rules

Before start to play Let it Ride poker, the participants must make three equal bets. After they will receive three cards. The dealer puts two more cards face down in front of him (in the closed). Now, the players, looking at their cards, must make a combination and make a decision:

  • Pick up one of the three bets. This action is Pull Bet;
  • Continue the game without changing bets. This action is Let it Ride.

Regardless of what action the player has chosen, the dealer opens one of his cards.

  • Now the players draw up their poker hand, taking into account four cards (three on their hands and one next to the dealer). They will have to choose again between two actions: Pull Bet or Let it ride;
  • Then the dealer opens the fifth card, and the players compile their final poker hand of five cards and receive a payment for each of their bets following the special table;
  • If the players’ hands have a combination that is not included in the payout table in Let it Ride poker, they lose all their remaining bets on the table.

To increase interest, participants can play a bonus game, which includes years of its ride. Before the distribution begins, in addition to the three main bets, they can make another additional one, which is called Side Bet. Its function is very simple. If by the end of the deal (after the dealer opens all of his cards) players collect the poker combination, which is present in the pay-side table of pay-bet, they won. If their combination is not there, they lose their Side Bet.

The Tips to Work Out the Winning Strategy

Beginners of Let it Ride poker should start improving their skills in Microgaming’s online Poker Pursuit slot, which is Let It Ride in the video poker version with a better payout table. They can download it or play in the app browser directly. The Poker Pursuit interface has three main buttons:

  • Deal – after pressing this key the player will get cards;
  • Equalize the bet – extra cards are dealt without changing the bet;
  • Raise the Bet button – increases the size of the bet. Moreover, additional cards are still dealt with.

In total, five cards are dealt on the screen, three of which appear immediately. The royal combination in Poker Pursuit is Royal Flush – for which the players receive x3000 for their bet. Next in descending order are Straight Flush, four cards of the same rank, and Full House. The advantage of Let it Ride poker games is one very significant feature: the maximum win if players receive a Royal Flush combination (five high cards of the same suit in a row). If the users at the end of the game manage to get this combination (of course, this is difficult), then their winnings are 1000:1.

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