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Poker hands – how to apply it correctly to always get big winning

If you know poker hands, then you know how to play poker. Combinations don’t differ from each other in different poker types. If you learn basic combinations, you’ll be able to participate in wide variety of exciting poker types.

When you remember all poker hands, you’ll play much better, because you’ll spend time applying strategy, rather than remembering which combination is higher.


You can play poker with one order hand, two or even three poker hands. It all depends on type of poker. Each one can only be compared with hand of same rank, for example, top with top and lower with lower.

Below there’s a list of combinations that can be collected in poker hands:

  1. Two cards. This’s weakest hand, usually lower hand. But in some cases, it can make you winner. There is only one combination with two cards that can be collected – Pair.
  2. Three cards. With this number of cards, you can get decent combination – Three of kind.
  3. Four cards. There’re two options – Four of Kind and Two pairs. If second option is quite common, the first one is very rare. But if you get it, you can win against a player who has Straight, Flush, and even Full house.
  4. Five cards. You can get five combinations: Straight, Flush, Full house, Straight Flush and Royal Flush. But this’s not guarantee of winning.

Try to focus on combination in upper hand, and not win at expense of lower hand.

Tips for using poker hands

Stick to a few tips to improve your poker game:

  1. Play only best hands in poker. If you see that you have weak cards, it’s better to throw them off. When your starting hand is strong, you make decisions more confidently, which means you can bluff better.
  2. Be one of last to join the game. This way you can already evaluate your opponents’ ranking poker hands by watching their actions.
  3. Control your emotions. With this advice, you can win even with weak starting hand.

If you use three little tips correctly, you’ll already be able to win more often than usual.


All possible combinations are described below:

  • Royal flush – highest combination. From 10 to ACE of same suit.
  • Straight flush – five cards in row of any suit.
  • Four of kind – it’s very rare, but players always win with these winning poker hands. 4 cards of same value.
  • Full house – set and pair.
  • Flush – five of any cards of same suit.
  • Straight – any cards that follow sequence.
  • Three of kind – strong combination. Three cards of same value.
  • Two pair – two independent from each other pair.
  • Pair – most common, but lowest.

In total, there can be nine combinations in poker, and 169 variants. But even highest card can help you win.

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