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Texas Hold’em hands – find out the list of the best winning hands

Free online Texas Hold’em is a game with common cards, in which the gameplay is oriented both to bets and to played cards.

Texas Hold’em poker hands and odds

In Hold’em, the game begins with the distribution of two cards – these are the Texas Hold’em hands starting in poker. They help you make one of ten combinations. The choice of initial cards should be approached especially carefully, because, among other conditions, strong starting hands in poker often become the basis of profitable trading.

The chances of starting hands in poker are different. According to Texas Hold’em hands odds probability, the strongest hand (AA) outperforms the weakest in 85% of cases. This can be explained by the fact that five cards on the board are used by all players. To get a winning combination more often, you should stick to a tight strategy, in which you will play only the best starting hands of Texas Hold’em. According to the poker classification, starting hands in Hold’em are usually divided into groups:

  • The first group accounts for 2% of the total number of pockets in offline and online poker. They are also called premium hands. They include pocket pairs and suited connectors of the highest ranks. These include: AA, KK, QQ, AKs, where “s” (abbreviated ‘suited’) is used to designate cards of the same suit.
  • The second group – strong starting Texas Hold’em hands in poker: AK, AQs, AJs, KQs, JJ, TT. These are six additional pockets with which you will also feel confident at the table and build up the played banks.

In addition, there are 10 more strong starting hands in Texas poker, all together they are in the top 20 table rankings. They are also called second-level Texas Hold’em poker hands: ATs, KJs, AQ, 99, QJs, KTs, 88, QTs, A9s, AJ.

Winning Texas Hold’em poker hands

Poker combinations usually consist of 5 cards. And although anyone playing in Texas Hold’em has seven cards, only the best 5 of them will play. There are no 6 or 7 card combinations in Texas Hold’em. The odds are, of course, in favor of winning one hand per transaction, which makes the casino game with a relatively low level of risk and a convenient way to communicate with other players in the casino.

Texas Hold’em poker defines Texas Hold’em hands winning combination as the best five of seven cards – two pocket cards in hand and five community cards on the table (board). It doesn’t matter where the best cards are – the winning combination in Texas Hold’em can include both pocket cards plus three community cards, and one pocket card plus four community cards, and all five table cards if pocket cards cannot improve them.

Here is the list of the best Texas Hold’em hands:

  1. Two pairs. A pair of aces and a pair of triples. Kicker is the king. If the opponent also has two pairs, the winner is determined by the senior pair, with the equality of the senior – by the youngest pair, with the equality of both pairs – by the kicker. If the kicker is equal, the bank is divided equally between the players.
  2. Full house. Three eights and two nines. If the opponent has a full house, then the winner is determined by the top three, with equality – by the senior couple. If the pair is equal, the bank is divided.
  3. Couple. A pair of kings. Kickers Ace, Queen and Nine. If the pair is equal, the winner is determined by the first different card of three kickers.

Sometimes you can win poker with any cards, correctly choosing trading tactics. But if the game comes to showdown, the bank always gets the one who made the strongest hand.

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